"You folks have us confused: I'm real, and you're animated."

Season 1, Episode 1 is the first episode of Garfield and Friends.

Garfield Quickie

Garfield teases Odie for wearing nerdy dog clothes, only to wear a sillier outfit during a walk.


Peace & Quiet

Main Article: Peace & Quiet

After staying up all night watching TV, Garfield tries to get some sleep, but gets pestered by Binky the Clown.

U.S. Acres Quickie

Bo wants Wade to look at a bug. Wade runs away from the bug in shock. Orson calls him a sissy, then sees what the bug is like.


Wanted: Wade

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Wade believes that the police will arrest him after he rips the tag off of the bottom of a couch. Meanwhile, Roy plays a CD on his stereo, which goes out of control.

Garfield Quickie

Garfield sees a spider on a windowsill, so he tries to squash it. He ends up destroying the house.


Garfield Goes Hawaiian

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Garfield catches the Hawaiian Cat Flu; every time someone mentions Hawaii or anything from Hawaii, he dances the hula.

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