Not to be confused with The Garfield Trivia Book.
Garfield Trivia Game Title Card

Garfield Trivia Game is a 1989 computer game released for Apple II computers and IBM PC.[1] It was developed by EIS, Inc. and distributed by Developmental Learning Materials, Inc.


The game can be played by one player or a team. After entering name(s), four of the following seven categories may be selected for the game (each selectable by their corresponding number):

  • 1 Friends
  • 2 TV shows
  • 3 Dates/Facts
  • 4 Garfield
  • 5 Odds & Ends
  • 6 Wisdom

Each turn, a player spins to get a question from any of the four selected categories. If the spin lands in neither of the chosen four categories, the player will be given a "mystery box", which can give multiple things, such as extra points for the next question. When a type of question is chosen, the player may play it or pass. Each question is multiple-choice, with four answers available to choose from.

When a player gets a question right, Garfield will be shown dancing. When a wrong answer is given, Garfield will be shown laughing. Points will be added or deducted based on the results.

List of Questions


Question Choices Answer
What was the name of Jon's pet frog? 1) - Herbie
2) - Legs
3) - Lester
4) - Hopper
1) - Herbie
Why was Pooky kidnapped? 1) - As an April Fools' joke
2) - For a $1,000 ransom
3) - To sew his arm back on
4) - So he could be washed.

TV Shows

Question Choices Answer
What was Garfield's first TV special? 1) - Here Comes Garfield
2) - Garfield the Cat
3) - Hello Garfield
4) - Garfield on the Town
1) - Here Comes Garfield
In Here Comes Garfield, why was Fluffy in the pound? 1) - He ran away
2) - He was old
3) - He got lost
4) - He couldn't be housebroken
4) - He couldn't be housebroken


Question Choices Answer
What was the name of Jim Davis' first cartoon character? 1) - Gnorm Gnat
2) - Fish Lips
3) - Rockin' Robin
4) - Paper Boy
1) - Gnorm Gnat
What award did Jim Davis win from the National Cartoonist Society in 1981 and 1986? 1) - Funniest Cartoon
2) - The Flintstone Award
3) - Best Humor Strip Cartoonist
4) - The Segar Award
3) - Best Humor Strip Cartoonist
How many cats did Jim Davis have when he was a kid? 1) - 7
2) - 25
3) - 2
4) - 0
2) - 25


Question Choices Answer
Garfield is afraid of what? 1) - Bees
2) - Ladybugs
3) - Flies
4) - Spiders
4) - Spiders
When Garfield drank too much coffee, what song did he sing? 1) - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
2) - Thriller
3) - I Feel Good
4) - Chattanooga Choo Choo
4) - Chattanooga Choo Choo

Odds & Ends



Players get questions by pressing the spacebar.

The number keys are used to make selections.



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