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Garfield Goes Hawaiian is an episode from the first season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield catches the Hawaiian Cat Flu; every time someone mentions Hawaii or anything from Hawaii, he dances the hula.


Jon gets a call from Liz, who informs him about of a disease called the Hawaiian Cat Flu. Jon is certain that Garfield won't get it, only to see Garfield dancing the hula. At the vet, Liz gives Jon medicine to cure Garfield and tells him not to mention Hawaii or anything from it, since it causes Garfield to dance. Garfield refuses to take the medicine, even as he continues dancing after hearing Hawaiian aspects.

Jon soon finds opportunity for it when he discovers Silly Animal Stunts, a talent show for pets. At the audition, Garfield's "talent" makes the cut. However, just before they leave for the show, Garfield finally decides to take the medicine. When Jon and Garfield get on stage, Garfield doesn't dance upon hearing anything Hawaiian, nor is he interested in doing so. This results in Jon doing the hula instead, which wins him the $1,000 prize.

Back home, Jon tells Liz that Garfield is seems to be cured of the Hawaiian Cat Flu. Liz then notes that there's now a similar disease called the Alaskan Cat Flu. Just when Jon wonders what the symptoms are, he sees Garfield in Alaskan clothes and driving a dog sled carried by Odie.

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Liz Wilson
  • Silly Animal Stunts Host
  • Receptionist
  • Man #1
  • Octopus
  • Man #2
  • Polly
  • Dancing Dog
  • Camera Man
  • Audience


  • The Hawaiian Cat Flu was previously done in the comic strips, albeit in a somewhat different fashion.
  • "Silly Animal Stunts" resembles "Pet Search" in some ways.
  • When Polly (voiced by Frank Welker) impersonates Garfield, his voice is similar to how Welker would later portray Garfield.

Cultural References

  • When trying to get a cured Garfield to dance the hula, Jon mentions various aspects of Hawaii, including Don Ho and "Book him, Danno".
  • One of the auditioning acts (which appears to not be unique) is an octopus who tap dances and knits sweaters to music by Wayne Newton.
  • The impressions Polly does during audition are Bill Cosby, Paul Reubens (as Pee-Wee Herman), Jack Nicholson, Bob Hope, Clint Eastwood, and Mr. T.


  • On the Garfield and Friends Volume 1 DVD, the audio at the end of the episode is out of sync.
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