Garfield Gets Canned is an episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


After Jon leaves Garfield and Odie with Mrs. Ferret, who eats most of the food in the house, Garfield tries to open a can of food.


One day Garfield and Odie are watching TV which depicts a space ship about to launch when Jon comes in and asks the two if they could petsit one of Liz's patients; Mrs. Ferret. Liz was initially too busy to watch the ferret so she asked Jon to look on her. Garfield initially refuses until Jon tells him that he made a ton of lasagna to make it up before leaving to meet Liz.

After a while Mrs. Ferret asks if Garfield and Odie could let her out, but the moment they do she becomes extremely hyper and makes a mess of the house. Just then Jon calls the two and tells them not to let Mrs. Ferret out of her cage as Liz put her on a strict diet and will likely eat everything. His warning came too late as Mrs. Ferret ate all the lasagna and everything in the kitchen. To make matters worse, Jon's car broke down on the side of the road and has to stay at a hotel until tomorrow morning. Outraged at Mrs. Ferret for eating all the food, Garfield and Odie look up recipes on how to cook ferrets prompting Mrs. Ferret to hide in her cage.

As the two look in the kitchen for food, Garfield spots a can of cat food on the top of the fridge which proves hard to open. Odie thinks he can open it but Garfield is adamant that he can open the can himself. From there he uses various ways to open the can; from using can openers, smashing it with a hammer, whacking it with a baseball bat, electrocute it with lightning and even using a wrecking ball, none of which work.

Finally as a last resort, Garfield and Odie hijack the rocket they saw on TV in an attempt to throw the can toward Earth in order to get it to open. The can goes off course when it hits Nimbus's spaceship who attempts to hit it with his laser. Garfield and Odie give chase where one of the laser beams reflects off the can back at Nimbus sending him into space. Garfield and Odie meanwhile crash back to Earth with the can still sealed shut.

Back at home, Garfield is about to give up when Odie thinks he can open the can and the cat gives it to him. It is there that Odie finds a tab at the bottom end of the can and easily opens it, much to Garfield's shock. Realizing he went through all the trouble for nothing, Garfield decides to end the cartoon before he has a total meltdown.


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