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Garfield Double Dares is a 1985 educational video game by Random House for the Apple II series and the Commodore 64.[1]


Garfield asks the player to enter their name. Once a name has been entered, he gives the player a word and tells them to find five words that rhyme with it. In the second part, Garfield deals five consonant cards and two vowels on a poker table. He gives the player an option to call, raise, or pass.

"Call" results in Garfield challenging the player to make five words. "Raise" lets the player select a number of words over 5. "Pass" skips the word-making sequence and moves back to the first part. Occasionally, Garfield will offer "double or nothing" as an option to the player, where the word goal is doubled.

While making words, players can press Esc to move on at any time. After five rounds, Garfield compares the player's score to his, and the game ends.


  • CTRL Z: Toggle sound
  • CTRL D: View directions
  • CTRL E: Erase high scores
  • CTRL X: End activity
  • ESC: End round
  • Backspace: Erase a character
  • Right or Up: Scramble letters



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