Garfield's fourth life in Garfield: His 9 Lives, used to represent the fourth life of Garfield.

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Garfield's fourth life is one where he lives in 1720 and is the cat of a composer named Freddie who is currently writing a song for King George I. While working on it, a Jester appears and announces to Freddie that George is expecting a concerto. Freddie says that he has no time to write a concerto. The Jester then tells Freddie that he must finish the song that night or else the king will execute him. Freddie then hands the papers to his cat, asking him to write the finale of the song. Later, the Jester tells the king and queen that Freddie and his quartet are going to play a concerto. The cat watches as the Jester uses decapitation metaphors to stress Freddie out while he is playing. After Freddie finishes Movements 1 and 2. He looks at the sheet for Movement 3 which is littered with ink blots in the shape of cat paws. He sweats profusely thinking the king will hate it and cut off his head. The cat starts chattering his teeth and the Jester keeps on teasing Freddie by telling him he is going to die. However, the quartet starts playing a melody, the cat moves his eyelids up and down to show that he had this planned. The king is shocked and amused by the music, then the other members of the quartet acquire sunglasses, Freddie is relieved and puts on sunglasses himself. The king and queen start dancing and the cat himself gets sunglasses, while modern day Garfield narrates by saying he never wrote any music after that concerto as that would be too much work for him.



  • Garfield says that in this life, he learned to think on his feet. However, after that, he says that thinking is ok and that nowadays he avoids thinking as much as possible


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