Garfield Atari Prototye

Garfield is an unfinished video game prototype that was developed for the Atari 2600. The game was never released due to the videogame crash of 1983. It is based on the popular comic strip of the same name.


The game revolves around Garfield trying to find Nermal while avoiding Odie. In the game Garfield starts off by hopping around the fence and eating burgers. Next he ducks as flowerpots are thrown at him while he's on the fence.

Game screen

Next he must cross the top of the roof to get to the other side of the yard, but he must watch out for Odie who likes to sneak up on the cat unaware. He must jump on top of a dog pound of Odies eating burgers and avoiding flowerpots. Finally he has to rescue Nermal who's hanging on for dear life from the roof. Due to the game being unfinished, the game starts over with the screens in a different order.


  • The ROM for this game was not allowed to be distributed until Jim Davis gave its designer the permission to distribute it.
  • On May 7th, 2020, musician Nicky Flowers streamed themselves on Twitch setting a world record high score in the game with 1,909,896,121,651,051,877,238,357,850 (1.9 octillion).[1] According to former Twin Galaxies chief referee Robert T. Mruczek, it is the highest recorded score in any video game in history.[2]

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