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Garfield: Saving Arlene is a 2005 action-adventure video game developed by EKO Software and published both by Hip Games and Titus Interactive, S.A.. It was released for PlayStation 2 and PC.


After Arlene is captured and taken to the pound, Garfield and Odie venture to save her, with numerous tasks along the way.


Garfield is asleep on the couch in the Arbuckle house, and is soon awoken by Odie. The cat kicks Odie off the couch, claiming that the latter has no respect for his naps. Garfield then hears a truck, and finds it to be from the "Animal Annihilation Facility". Garfield then sees Arlene in the back of the truck, and along with Odie, decides to save her.

The two go through the gardens, and eventually catch up to the truck, before Odie falls into an open manhole. After Garfield gets no response from Odie, he jumps down to find the dog. After the two get out of the sewers, they decide to go through the gardens again. After Garfield jumps into a building, he finds it to be that of a clock factory, and navigates through it without Odie. Near the end of the clock factory, Garfield finds Odie, and claims he is too tired to be mad at the dog, but is glad to have found him.

The two leave the factory, and find themselves back in the sewers. After getting out, they see the truck drive past, and follow it through the gardens at night. The two find the pound, and Garfield is initially reluctant to go ahead, but it convinced by Odie, and the two enter the building. The building proves large, and after several tasks, they find Arlene. After reaching her, Odie wakes Garfield up, meaning the whole adventure was a dream. Garfield hears the same truck, and decides to send Odie after it, while watching his favorite television show. The story ends as Odie is driven off to the pound.




  • Level 1: Yapping Yards
  • Level 2: Sinuous Sewers I
  • Level 3: Dubious Dusk
  • Level 4: Calamity Clocks
  • Level 5: Sinuous Sewers II
  • Level 6: Naughty Night
  • Level 7: Hound Pound I
  • Level 8: Hound Pound II
  • Level 9: Hound Pound III


  • Despite the game's 3D properties, Arlene is presented in 2D.

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