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The Caped Avenger

The Caped Avenger in Garfield and Friends.

This is Garfield's most used alter ego. In this alter ego, Garfield usually wears his blanket or towel around his neck as a cape, hence the name. While he is the Caped Avenger, Garfield acts like a stereotypical superhero, always looking for people in need or villains to fight. Since Garfield's normally uneventful life provides neither of the two, Garfield resorts to making up situations or villains to satisfy his heroic fantasies. This usually backfires on Garfield as he tends to accidentally destroy things, or pick fights with opponents much stronger than him, like large dogs.

On one occasion, Garfield, as the Caped Avenger, tried to 'save' a cheeseburger Jon was eating, proclaiming Jon to be 'The infamous Dr. Dweeb'. As a result, Jon ties him up in his cape, abruptly ending Garfield's heroic fantasy. (Garfield says he hates it when Jon does that.)

Occasionally, Odie will become his sidekick, taking the name "Slurp". Garfield also occasionally uses the Caped Avenger alter ego in the animated shows.

The Claw

The Claw

Garfield pulls out a claw and uses it to try to fight. The jig is soon up, however, after tangling with The Fang.

Amoeba Man

Amoeba Man

Garfield puts his blanket on himself and walks around, pretending to be an amoeba.

Banana Man

Banana Man

Garfield puts a banana peel on his head and carries bananas around. His mission is to entertain folks. When Jon is fed up with the act, Garfield decides to become Chicken Man (who has a rubber chicken hat and holds two chickens).


Supergarfield in 2008

Supergarfield in 2010

"Supergarfield" has appeared twice. In 2008, he wore a green cape, and in 2010, he wore a blue cape. Both times, he was with "Odieboy." In 2008, Supergarfield only appeared once, but in 2010, he appeared for a week-long arc.



Garzooka is the Pet Force counterpart of Garfield. His powers include gamma-radiated hairballs, super strength, and razor-sharp claws. As Garzooka, Garfield is big and muscular and wears a yellow belt and yellow bracelets, as well as green underwear and cape. He also has a purple shirt and pants

Jungle Cat, Alley Cat, Wild Cat, Farm Cat, Actor Cat, and House Cat

Garfield took on the roles of various types of cats from 6/9/1980 to 6/14/1980.

Jungle Cat

Alley Cat


Wild Cat

Farm Cat

Actor Cat

House Cat

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