Garfield, Eat Your Words is a 1985 educational video game by Random House for the Apple II series of computers.


Players try to get Garfield to go on a diet by guessing the words he has in mind.


The game starts out by having Garfield request the player's name. After a name is submitted, Garfield will respond with "What kind of name is that for a worthy opponent?".

In the game, the player is given a hint for the word they are to guess. The player then gets letters every once in a while that fill in the blanks. During that time, the player must type out their guess. If they are correct, Garfield will eat from the bowl next to him in disgust. If they are wrong, he will devour the lasagna in front of him in delight.

After each round, Garfield, accompanied by Jon and Odie, will be weighed on a scale. His weight will increase or decrease, depending on the results of the round. Each time, Garfield will think of a quote from the comic strip (sometimes paraphrased).


At the beginning of a game, the name of a player is written with the letter keys, while the return key used to confirm it.

Pressing the spacebar after the hint will allow the player to type in the answer with the letter keys.


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