Garfield's Scary Tales is an illustrated book featuring a collection of horror stories. Similar books include Garfield's Haunted House and Other Spooky Tales and Garfield's Ghost Stories.


The Midnight Stalker

Garfield, Odie and Jon are spending a night at the Wary Inn. The owner, Peter Wary, tells Jon about a creature that has been known to eat pets who stay at the Inn during a full moon, which makes Garfield uneasy. After dinner, he meets a strange cat named Beezle who tells him that he is "never quite himself during a full moon". When Garfield goes to get a midnight snack, he is suddenly confronted by the monstrous creature with burning red eyes, big pointy ears, sharp teeth and long jagged claws as well as a bit of gold gleaming on its neck. Before the Beast can eat him, Garfield manages to escape by throwing a banana cream pie in its face. The next morning, as Garfield is leaving, he sees Beezle starring hungrily at him through a window, the sunlight gleaming on the gold nameplate on his collar.

Surprise Package

After ten years of being tortured by Garfield, the postman has decided to retire. On his last day, he gives Garfield a package. When Garfield opens the package, he is horrified to see a giant ugly spider the size of a basketball. When the spider crawls onto Garfield, he passes out from fright and ends up squashing it.

Terminal Terror

Jon accidentally leaves his computer on during a lightning storm. As a result, the computer gains a mind of its own. It hypnotizes Jon and tries to use him to catch Garfield so he can drain his brain. Fortunately, Odie is able to trip the brainwashed Jon and send him tumbling into the basement and away from trouble. Garfield dresses Odie up in Jon's old orange sweater and disguises him as Garfield. The computer tries to drain the empty-headed dog but is unable to and eventually explodes.

A Ghost's Story

Garfield, Odie and Jon go out on a camping trip. That night when they are telling ghost stories, a big scary lumberjack approaches them. He tells them his own story about a man who went crazy trying to find a woman he loves, all the while hinting at that he is the man. As the story ends Garfield, Odie and Jon run in terror while the lumberjack eats their food, hoping that eventually people will stop believing his made-up story but still considers it lots of fun.

The Closet Thing

Odie is keeping Garfield up all night because he thinks there is a monster in the closet. Garfield examines the closet but the only horrifying thing he finds are Jon's baby pictures. Finally, Garfield tells Odie that there is no monster in the closet. Little does he know that the monster is standing right behind him.

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