Garfield's Stupid Cupid And Other Silly Stories is an illustrated book featuring a collection of romance stories.


Stupid Cupid

On Valentine's Day, Cupid flies around the park when he loses one of his arrows. Odie finds it and Garfield tries to use it on a nearby feline. Unfortunately, Odie throws the arrow too far and it hits a large purple dog who instantly falls in love with Garfield. In a panic, Garfield runs for his life with both the dog and Odie chasing after him. After running through slides, swing sets and monkey bars, Garfield ends up on a seasaw. The dog leaps onto the opposite end of the seasaw and launches Garfield into a tree where he meets Cupid. Cupid creates a device to get the dog back to normal but when Garfield sees how sad she is, he decides to be hit by Cupid's arrow which makes him fall in love with the dog. Garfield and the dog walk away together much to the confusion of both Cupid and Odie.

Garfield's Summer Love

Garfield meets a cat named Violet and the two go out on a date. Unfortunately, Garfield discovers that they have very little in common. Violet likes healthy snacks and exercising while Garfield likes eating and sleeping. At the opera show, Garfield falls asleep in the middle of it. Violet hits him in the noggin and wakes him up. They go to a secluded area and Violet tells Garfield that she is going home the next day and won't ever see Garfield again. She gives Garfield a kiss before saying good-bye. Garfield realizes that Violet wasn't his type and that he can't be happy if he just can't be himself.

Racing Rex

Arlene has a new cat-friend, a Hollywood stunt cat named Rex. Garfield challenges Rex to a race which is easier said than done as Rex is in tremendous shape while Garfield is about the shape of a basketball. He tries to train for the race but can barely perform any of the exercises. So on the day of the race, Garfield attaches a pair of springs to his feet to bounce his way to victory. However, he bounces too high and ends up getting a mouthful of a tree branch. Next, he puts on a pair of roller blades and rolls behind Odie. But Odie's tongue wraps around his eyes, causing Garfield to lose control and crash through a fence and into a mailbox. Finally, he finds a fierce dog and tells it that Rex said some insulting things about him. Furious, the dog breaks free of its chain and chases Rex up a telephone pole. With Rex out of the way, Garfield easily wins the race. At the finish line, Arlene admits she was never actually interested in Rex and thought if she paid attention to him, then Garfield would pay more attention to her. Garfield laughs this off by stating that just because he ignores Arlene doesn't mean he doesn't care and that like Arlene, he's wild about himself.

Jon's Date with Destiny


  • The "Racing Rex" story was also utilized in Garfield's Great Race.
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