Garfield's Moving Experience is the first segment from the fifth episode of Garfield and Friends.


When Garfield becomes disgusted living with Jon and Odie, he tries to stay with someone else.


Jon prepares one of his recipes, while Garfield has his own fun with Odie. He is eventually launched into Jon's recipe, which he finds disgusting. Odie then slurps Garfield, who ties his tongue into a knot. Having enough of Garfield's antics, Jon then sends Garfield outside.

Garfield becomes disinterested in Jon and Odie, and tries to find someone else to give him a home. He eventually gets the attention of a little girl, who brings him to her mansion. Garfield is delighted with what he sees, especially when he looks inside the refrigerator. The girl figures that he wants to eat, and so brings him some food. Garfield does not like it; the girl, thinking otherwise, goes to get more of it.

Garfield sneaks back into the kitchen and takes out a large amount of food from the refrigerator. He crashes into the girl, sending food flying. The girl, not knowing how much he is capable of eating, ignores the mess and tells him that he would have gotten a stomachache from all the food. She brings him to her room to dress him up as a baby and put him in a crib for nap time. After she sings an off-key rendition of "Rock-a-bye Baby", Garfield escapes from the room and tries to leave the mansion.

The girl eventually finds him and brings him outside to meet her dog, Boopsie. Garfield sees no problem with the idea until he sees that Boopsie is a big, aggressive dog. Garfield finally escapes after Boopsie chases him. The girl notes that Garfield is the eighth cat they have lost in the week, with Boopsie claiming that the number is nine.

Back home, Jon and Odie start to miss Garfield. They hear a knock at the door, with Jon answering and finding Garfield at the doorstop. Jon brings Garfield inside, welcoming him back. Odie greets Garfield by licking him, which he eventually tolerates. When Jon presents him with another one of his recipes, Garfield gets second thoughts about the mansion.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Male Pedestrian
  • Female Pedestrian
  • Boopsie (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Little Girl's Parents (mentioned)


  • This was part of the first episode of the series produced (albeit the fifth episode to air on CBS).
  • The scene with the recliner is an adaptation of a comic strip.


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