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Garfield's Judgment Day is a Garfield book based on an unfinished animated feature, published in 1990. Unlike the other Garfield books, this book is in a picture book format rather than in the comic book format. 


The book begins with Garfield dreaming about all sorts of different junk food, before a beam of sunlight wakes him. Garfield and Odie wake up Jon, who starts to make them breakfast, but than kicks them out when they make a mess. Meanwhile, a few houses away, Al and Fredo, the twin dogs of the Rossini household start to wake up Mr. and Mrs. Rossini and their five kids.  A few houses away from them, the elderly man Eli is woken up by his senior dog Barney. He yells at Barney to let him sleep, but doesn't mean any harm. 

While Garfield and Odie wait outside, they feel a sense of dread wash over them. The other animals in the yard seem disturbed as well. The two pets begin to grow afraid, and silently beg for Jon to let them in. Jon eventually lets them inside, but they still feel uneasy.

Jon announces that he's going to pick 


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Angelo Rosalini
  • Gina Rosalini
  • Rosalini Children
  • Raoul
  • Jacob


Jim Davis wrote this story as the script for a feature-length, theatrical Garfield cartoon when the prime time animated specials were still in production and popular. Voices were recorded, songs were written and recorded, but no studio wanted to fund the animation, apparently because of the dark, serious tone of the story. After unsuccessfully pitching it as a movie and, eventually, as a television special for several years, Davis tried writing two other feature-length scripts to studios such as Walt Disney Pictures and 20th Century Fox, but still, no studio showed interest.


  • The book is notable as being the only Garfield book in which the Garfield characters talk to humans.
  • The story establishes Arlene as being a stray cat.
  • The story also establishes that Odie can't speak and has the mind of a real-world dog.
  • The song by Lou Rawls and Desirée Goyette from Happy Birthday, Garfield is the only known recording from the animated version of the story thus far.


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