On occasion, Garfield has a Good Side and a Bad Side who try to influence his conscience.

Physical Appearances

Both sides resemble miniature versions of Garfield, with the Good Side wearing an angel outfit, wings, and halo, and the Bad Side wearing a devil outfit, as well as possessing a spiked tail and horn-shaped ears.


The Good Side is angelic, speaking in a softer tone, and tries to prevent Garfield from doing bad deeds.

The bad side is devilish. He often seems to be more in control of Garfield, as multiple times he ejects the Good Side or restrains him to curb his influence. He has also shown to be cowardly, such as when Garfield's personal mug was shattered after harassing the mailman.


Garfield and Friends

Season 1


  • The Good Side and Bad Side were featured in the comic strip of February 11th, 1985.
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