Garfield's Good and Bad Side are Garfield's shoulder angel and devil in the Garfield and Friends episode, Good Cat, Bad Cat.

Physical Appearances

Both sides resemble miniature Garfields with the Good Side wearing an Angel Outfit, Wings, and Halo while the Bad Side wears a devil outfit, tail and its ears curved like horns


True to his name, the Good Side is more angelic, speaking in a more softer tone and tries to prevent Garfield from doing bad deeds.

The bad side is more malevolent and sneaky. He often seems to be more in control of Garfield as numerous times ejects the Good Side or restrains him to keep him from interfering. He's also shown to be cowardly as when Garfield got mad at him for destroying his personal mug, he ran away in fear.


Garfield and Friends

Season 1


  • The Good Side and Bad Side are loosely based off Garfield's conscious from the strip of February 11th, 1985
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