[The episode starts off, while the all guests: cats, dogs, mouses, and Floyd is on the concert.]

Floyd: Good evening, Jenny's Emily, Tlemen. (zoom in to Floyd in the concert) And now, direct from the Dinner Table, The Back Fence repair, Ettore Company, hats pleased to present, Garfield, and His Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Review! (Floyd claps hands away) Let's really aired for us! (applause on Floyd, the cats, dogs, and mouses, showing Garfield, Floyd and Hats, and a Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Review)

[Floyd and Garfield]

Well, it's the Garfield, Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Review.

(dramatic instrumental music)

Give us a chance, Well sing, and We'll dance for an Evening or Two.

(Jon's eyes opened, playing instrumental music)


We've got a silly doggy, with the lamest trick. [CRASH!!!]


(walking with Nermal) A kissing, so cute, it's gonna make a you sick. (whizes out to Nermal)

[Floyd and Garfield]

It's enough to make you move away, to Kalamazoo.

Far from that Garfield's Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Review!!!

(some applause)

Garfield: Thank you, you beautiful, thank you! (Now with Jon Arbuckle, whizes to the pillow) Now, A Next Step...

Nermal: (walking) A Next Step, It's Me! My Know? (*Hmm-hmm!*) (walking, like a Ballerina, blinking, and sitting)


My name, is Nermal Cat,

Most folks are jealous that,

They can't be half as cute as me.

(Nermal blinking sound, the concert cats, dogs, and mouses)

My fur is pet-able,

I'm unforgettable,

I'm as perfect, as I can be. (Garfield being sick, walking around)

Is it cute to romp and play? (I think so)

Do I brighten up each day?

When I leave do they beg me to stay? (Nermal whizes out)

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