Garfield's Fun Fest is a 2008 CGI direct to video sequel to Garfield Gets Real. It was released on August 5, 2008. Like the first film, it is written by Jim Davis. It was followed by the third and final direct to video film, Garfield's Pet Force.


Garfield is reading a book of the origins of Freddy Frog and his pond to Odie when Jon tells them breakfast is ready. The duo rush downstairs and as they sit down and await for their meal, they are greeted by Jon serving them their food while doing his disco dance that he has been doing since the start of their comic strips. As Garfield and Odie tease him, Jon reminds Garfield that Arline wants to do a dance segment with him this year for Fun Fest. Garfield is not interested in changing his 29 year comedy routine, nor is he worried about losing, and believes he will win again, because he won the Fun Fest 29 times, and the 30th Annual Fun Fest is to come on Tuesday Night.

After Breakfast, they drive off and pick Nermal and Arlene up. After being annoyed by Nermal's air guitatar solo, Arlene is tired of the same old routine she is always on with Garfield, and this time, she wants to try dancing. Garfield objects, as he says, "Don't fix what isn't broken."

After arriving at the studio, Garfield and Arlene rehearse their lines for tomorrow's Fun Fest, when Arlene again wants to try dancing. When being asked by Garfield on what dance would she like to do, she replies that she wants to do Tango Dancing and gives him an outfit to wear for it. Still not wanting to ruin his 29 year winning streak and not wanting to look ridiculous, Garfield again turns her down and says if she wants to dance so bad, then she could find a different partner. Just then, a mysterious stranger named Ramone comes, and he is introduced a cheesy-accent Mexican cat and becomes Arlene's dance partner. Garfield then leaves Arlene for her to have Ramone.

Garfield attempts to perform a new act that is done by himself, but he bombs and his ego is left damaged by Ramone, who gives him insults that Nermal gave him in the car. During Ramone and Arlene's tango segment, he goes up to Eli's office and he realizes that he has lost all his hope, and he thinks he has no humor left. As everyone begins to leave after the last segment, Garfield sees Ramone flirting with Arlene, which she enjoys, leaving the orange cat sad and hurt and an even worse spot than before.

The next day, Garfield is woken up by a mime dressed Odie acting as an alarm clock. Garfield is still left in a tough place after yesterday. When he leaves his room, Odie notices an envelope inside the Freddy the Frog Book and takes it. On the way to work, Garfield watches Alrene get in Ramone's car and drive ahead to the studio, again reminding Garfield of his fear of losing her.

At the studio's cafeteria, Odie tries giving Garfield the letter, after multiple attempts from earlier, but to no avail thanks to his bad mood. Oadie, having enough, shoves it into his hands and tells him it was from the storybook. Garfield opens it and sees that it is a map that leades to Freddie Frog's pond; He plans to travel to the pond and drink the water in order to be funny and win the show. After hearing how ridiculous that sounded aloud, he gives up the thought, until seeing Arlene star in Ramone's romantic strip for the Fun Fest. He quickly changes his mind and runs out the door with Odie in tow. Arlene watches him leave and realizes the misunderstanding, much to Ramone's pleasure. She then runs outside of the studio, but Garfield and Oadie are already gone following the map, leaving her sad on what Garfield thinks now.

Garfield and Oadie follow the map and eventually, seemingly, make it to the pond after many obstacles and encountering the funny animals who have drank from the pond. There, a over sized frog tells them that is not the pond they are looking for, but a pond where sewage gets dumped, after the duo swam in and drank it. Disgusted and infuriated, they scatter out of the dirty sludge pit. They ask who he was and the Frog tells them he is the Freddy Frog. Garfield and Oadie are excited to meet him and the orange cats asks if he could have a sip of the funny water. Freddy agrees and leads them onto many trials that involve learning how to be funny and what it was about, such as humor being about the audience instead of the one pulling jokes. When Garfield fails to understand what the trials were about, Freddy pins him inside a plank bridge and dunks him into the water unless he admits he is fat in the way of a joke. After a few dunks and a couple of jokes, Freddy releases him and they continue their way to the pond, with Garfield learning about self deprecating humor, and him and Oadie now having to climb a mountain to get to the Funny Water.

Meanwhile, Charles begins to grow worried as Garfield was there main focus for Fun Fest and was nowhere to be seen when it was hours from starting. Ramone then steps in and takes his place. The shows begins to start and Arlene is disappointed that Garfield was gone and was worried that he thinks what he saw of her and Ramone. Meanwhile, the latter has quickly won over the audience with his quips and accent.

Back with Garfield and Oadie, the two climb a long ladder to the top of the plateau and finally make it. Freddy, making it before them thanks to an elevator, welcomes the pair to the pond filled with the Funny Water. Garfield drinks some of it and begins to feel funny. He dances around and moves playfully until remembering Fun Fest. After scooping up some of the water with a water bottle Freddy gave him, Garfield thanks the former as he and Oadie prepare to leave. Freddy stops them and says he has something that will get them to the studio in time. Garfield plucks a rose from the side as Freddy pushes them a giant hang glider. While not knowing how to fly the glider, Garfield and Oadie plunge from the plateau, despite Freddy denying him being ready, and soar over the forest, thanking the animals that helped them along the way.

The cat and dog duo crash through the window of the studio back home, right in time for Garfield's act. After making their way through the vents, they arrive at Eli's office, the latter happy to see them both and informs Charles of this. Garfield prepares to drink the Funny Water he stored before he prepares to head down, only for the bottle to be broken from the crash landing and all the water now gone. Feeling like he has lost his funny forever and it is too late, Garfield gives up and leaves. Happy by this, Ramone announces his Tango Dance with Arlene to the audience and performs it. Garfield watches from behind the curtain and is amazed at Alrene's dance moves, but is disappointed by feeling like he has lost her. The two then spot him as he leaves, and as Arlene tries to get to him, she is pulled back by Ramone and back into dancing.

He is joined and comforted by Oadie in the alleyway. Garfield tells Oadie what a great friend he has been by sticking beside him all these years and how he is upset about losing Arlene. Then, Freddy shows up and tells him that it is not the funny water that makes him funny, but rather himself that was funny and it was because of what he has done over his adventure. He tells him that this should not even be about being funny and then encourages Garfield to follow his heart by telling him this will be the only chance to prove himself. Knowing that the wise and funny frog is right, Garfield regains his hope and holds up the now wilted rose he got for Arlene.

Ramone and Arlene continue their dancing, despite Arlene being dizzy from being twirled and tossed. As she is spun to the side again, she is caught by Garfield wearing the clothes she brought for him. Arlene and everyone else is happy of his arrival, except for Ramone that is. The audience encourages them as they begin to dance together, until Ramone snatches her. The two cats fight over the female until Garfield is tossed up above onto the rack. Eli lowers him down so he could snatch Arlene in time being getting a forced smooch from Ramone. In the process, Garfield rips off some pieces of his clothing, exposing parts of his body to be mechanical and wired. They try to dance again, but Ramone again takes her from him again. As Garfield fights him, he rips off his arm, revealing Ramone to be somewhat of a robot. Garfield uses the arm to again combat him. As they progress, they fall back down to the stage along with a giant Fun Fest sign. Garfield uses the sign to ambush Ramone and rip off his legs, however, Ramone still continues to move and force Arlene to dance against her will. Having enough, Garfield grabs him by the face and surprisingly rips it off, revealing him to Nermal all along. As the crowd cheers for Garfield's performance, they boo Nermal and force him to shamefully get off the stage, disqualifying him. Garfield and Arlene share an encore and Garfield apologizes for not even trying to dance with Arlene, as this was more important than winning. However, the two win cheers from everyone and win the contest. Garfield hands her the rose as they are crowned winners of Fun Fest and they kiss. Meanwhile backstage, Nermal starts thinking of other ideas for next year's Fun Fest much to Odie's disbelief.

Freddie then flies over the studio on his glider. As the movie ends.

Garfield and Arlene celebrates their reunion with a kiss.





  • Jon said he has been doing the dance routine since 1978, the same year the comic strip Garfield was first published.
  • The 30th Annual Fun Fest parallels the Garfield franchise's 30th anniversary in 2008, which was also the year the film was released.
  • Almost every character, scenery, running gag, and background from Garfield Gets Real reappears in the movie, except the Reality World.
  • The story is somewhat similar to Around The World In 80 Days.
  • The superman from Garfield Gets Real is seen in the Comic Studios posing for Fun Fest.
  • One of the people at the Fun Fest audience is the slogan-man with a angry face in the middle that was in the 2000s Garfield shopping Internet chanel that is formely canceled. He is wearing a green shirt near a orange-haired citizen.
  • In the movie, Garfield does not understand the fully meaning of humor. However, he had taught pupils studying cartoons of how the technology of funny was developed in the Garfield and Friends episode How to Be Funny!.

Cultural References

  • The following parodies are depicted:
    • James Bond (Garfield's poses)
    • Gone With the Wind (Garfield's poses)
    • The Wizard of Oz (Garfield's poses)
    • Lady and the Tramp (Garfield's poses)
    • Tarzan the Ape Man (Garifeld's poses)
    • Titanic (Garfield's poses)
    • Frankentstein (Garfield's poses)
    • the Elvis Presley number Hound Dog (referenced by Odie)
    • The Legend of Zorro (referenced by Odie)
  • While in the kitchen, Jon appears to dance to a variation of Kool & the Gang's Jungle Boogie.


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