Garfield's Feline Fantasies is the twelfth Garfield television special.


Garfield becomes obsessed with creating fantasies out of everyday life, and in one fantasy, he and Odie must retrieve the "Banana of Bombay".


More to Come.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the first television special with music by David Benoit and Desirée Goyette.
  • This is the first television special animated at Wang Film Productions.
  • This is the only CBS special where Lou Rawls does not appear.



  • While walking through a hallway, Garfield left whiskers are missing.
  • When Fat Guy shows Lance his half of the ankh, the ankh has no lining at its bottom.
  • When Lance pulls a waiter's face, the waiter's bow tie changes from black to gray.
  • After arriving in the jungle, a few of Lance's walking animations are missing.
  • When Fat Guy and Rameet are shown to be following Lance and Slobberjob, Fat Guy's monobrow is discolored.
  • While sliding down a trap, The mouth below Lance's tongue is discolored pink.

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