Garfception is an episode from the fourth season of The Garfield Show.


Nathan uses his Dream Machine to give Garfield nightmares.


Nathan has developed a special piece of technology that can alter peoples dreams. Nathan has decided that Garfield will be the perfect test subject for this invention. Meanwhile, in Garfield's house, Garfield is watching a show with Dr. Whipple on it. Dr. Whipple is talking about dreams, and how dreams are very important, and if a person could control dreams, that person could rule the world.

Afterwards, Garfield goes to bed, while Nathan hits him with the device during his slumber. Nathan then alters the dream where it starts out pleasant for Garfield, then turns it into a nightmare to make it more torturous. He is constantly interrupted by his mother, who orders him to take out the trash. Once he sees the experiment is a success, he goes to bed to have pleasant dreams.

Back in Garfield's nightmare, Dr. Whipple appears and reminds him about his lecture on dreams hinting that someone is controlling his. Garfield realizes that Nathan is responsible for the nightmare and forces himself to wake up. Once he wakes, he sneaks into Nathan's house and uses the dream device on Nathan causing him to have nightmares about taking out the trash forever. Garfield watches this mentioning that this is better than anything on TV.


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Cultural References

  • The episode's title may be an allusion to the 2010 film Inception.

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