Gare à Nermal (Eng. Watch Out for Nermal) is the fourth episode of Garfield Originals.


This episode shows scenarios about Nermal trying (and failing) to annoy Garfield


The first scenario has Garfield asleep. Nermal walks by and tries to wake Garfield up by using cymbals. Nermal repeated hitting the cymbals together until he bounces offscreen. Garfield walks onscreen and takes the sleeping Garfield, which was revealed to be a cardboard cutout.

The second scenario has Garfield asleep and Nermal watching him. Garfield reveals to be fake sleeping and eyeing him. Nermal comes back onscreen with a bomb. Garfield stands up and distracts him with a mirror. Nermal fidgets with the mirror until remembering the bomb. The bomb explodes leaving Nermal slightly fainted.

The third scenario has Garfield in his bed with Pooky. Nermal appears and tries to steal him with a fishing rod. Garfield grabs Pooky when Nermal starts to reel him in. When Nermal tries to reel Pooky in again, Garfield pulls the rope which makes Nermal trip. Garfield starts kissing and hugging Pooky after.

The fourth scenario has Nermal once again trying to annoy Garfield's rest but he sees that Garfield's not in his bed. He tries to look for him but doesn't see him. Garfield then drops a box on Nermal and raps it up to mail somewhere (probably Abu Dhabi). Garfield throws the package on Herman, squishing him.

The fifth and final scenario has Garfield looking at himself in a mirror. Nermal tries to get the mirror but fails. After failing many time, Nermal gets a lump on his head. When Garfield shows it to him. Nermal runs away, screaming.


Major Characters



Minor Characters


Herman Post


  • The scene with Nermal looking at Garfield in scenario 1 was reused in the next scenario.
  • This is the first and so far only Garfield media with a scene with an explosive.
  • The third scenario's plot is similar to the plot of Nice to Nermal. (Nermal stealing (or in this case, trying to steal) Pooky)

Cultural References

  • The second scenario is reminiscent of Looney Tunes cartoons.


  • Despite being behind the cutout of sleeping Garfield, Nermal didn't know that it was fake until Garfield revealed it.
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