Galactic Gamesman Garfield is the first segment from the sixty-seventh episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield gets addicted to a video game, while Jon begins to have appendicitis.


Jon is playing a video game where the player pilots a spaceship while blasting aliens. As he leaves to go check the dinner, he starts to feel pain in his stomach. Garfield scoffs at the notion of video games before giving it a try. He becomes addicted to the game, not even stopping for lasagna.

Later in the night, Jon goes to bed while still feeling sick. He and Odie hear something only to find that Garfield is still playing the game. Jon unplugs the TV and tells Garfield to go to bed, before the latter gets himself a midnight snack. As he goes to bed, Garfield is still thinking about the game.

Meanwhile, Jon is tossing and turning in agony from his pain. Seeing this, Odie calls the emergency number. Meanwhile, Garfield is having a dream where he is an elite space trooper who is given the mission to defend the galaxy from enemies that are in his game. An ambulance shows up with physicians, who get no answer from the door. Garfield wakes up and starts playing the game again, making the physicians enter the house. Once inside, the physicians hear Odie and find Jon in bed, still in pain.

Jon wakes up the next morning in the hospital before the doctor tells him that he was suffering from appendicitis and that Odie was responsible for getting him there. Jon thanks Odie for saving him before Garfield starts playing around with the doctor's equipment, thinking it is a video game console.


Main Characters

Major Characters

  • Video Game Enemies
  • Physicians

Minor Characters

  • Video Game Troopers
  • Doctor



  • When Jon leaves the living room while Garfield is still playing the game, the fur pattern in Garfield's ears turn upside-down.

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