Furry Tales Part 4 is the one hundred and eighthUS/EU episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield continues his story; the animals band together to try and stop Viceroy Whipple in order to get to Jon.


After Garfield's story upset him, Odie sits outside, still crying. Garfield asks if he wants to hear the end of the story, since it has a happy ending, which Odie accepts. He continues the story as the animals talk over Elizabeth, and "The Handsome Cat". The Handsome Cat comes out while eating the spaghetti bolognese, which soon knocks him out. "The Beautiful Lady Cat" states that they must get him to a wizard, before the Dragon tells where one is.

They travel to "Merle the Wizard" who reveals what the spell is, and that only the beautiful lady cat can awaken the handsome cat by kissing him. He is awakened by her kiss, before Merle tells them that the same cure could be used if Prince Jon kisses Fair Elizabeth. After hearing that the prince was locked in the tower, The Handsome Cat tells the animals to follow him, as they plan to break Prince Jon out.

Viceroy Whipple has decided that he is already king, before one of the guards tells him of an animal army, which Whipple shrugs off. In the tower Nermal tells the prince that Elizabeth loves him, and all he needs to do is convince her that he's brave. The animals manage to get into the castle after the dragon burns the door's down. The animals manage to beat the guards before the dimwitted dog wakes "The Royal Food Taster" by licking him. The handsome cat opens the tower gate, only rescuing the prince while leaving Lamren.

Viceroy Whipple, Al and The Witch try to escape on the latter's broom only to be chased by the dragon. They crash into a chimney before sliding on to the ground. Garfield tricks the trio to get onto the catapult after it was positioned toward the tower jail. Back at Fair Elizabeth's cottage, Prince Jon wakes Fair Elizabeth up before Elizabeth realizes that the prince does have heart and decides to marry him.

During the wedding, the handsome cat dressed up by the twins before Garfield finishes the story. Jon Arbuckle and Liz Wilson return from their picnic only to state that there was no food in the basket.


Main Characters

  • Garfield (also as "The Handsome Cat")
  • Odie (also as "The Dimwitted Dog")
  • Arlene (as "The Beautiful Lady Cat")

Major Characters

Minor Characters




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