Furry Tales Part 3 is an episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield tells Odie his version of a fairy tale.


Odie anxiously waits for Garfield to finish his sandwich so he can continue the story. However, when Garfield heads over to the TV chair, Odie catches on and brings him back to the sofa. Garfield picks up where he left off.

Garfield and Odie decide to flee from the dragon, successfully escaping when they hide in a lake. However, Garfield knows that they’ll have to deal with the dragon later on during their journey. So Garfield and Odie bring reinforcements: the twin nieces, who manage to subdue the dragon by dressing it up. The dragon becomes an ally for them, and transports them to Elizabeth’s house.

During their ride, Lamren (Nermal) spots the group and informs the viceroy about the sighting, figuring that they’re trying to convince Elizabeth to marry Prince Jon. The viceroy finds this information useful, and “rewards” Lamren by throwing him (along with the prince) in the tower. To further ensure victory, he visits a wicked witch (Aunt Ivy) to deal with Elizabeth. The witch first uses the potion on the royal food taster (Eddie Gourmand), then heads out to Elizabeth’s house, disguised as an Italian chef (Vito).

Meanwhile, Elizabeth provides food to two forest animals, then wonders who would be the right man for her to marry. Suddenly, the witch, still in disguise, arrives at the door, offering Elizabeth a plate of spaghetti (which obviously includes the potion). After Elizabeth tastes it and falls asleep, the witch heads back to the castle.

The forest animals soon discover Elizabeth asleep. Garfield and Odie arrive two minutes too late.

The story is interrupted yet again as Odie walks off in despair, apparently unaware that it’s just a story, and a fairy tale at that. Garfield decides to go to the kitchen for another snack.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Nermal's character's name, Lamren, is his own name spelled backwards.


  • "A Difficult Choice" and "The Right Man" sung by Julie Payne as Liz.


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