Furry Tales Part 3 is the one hundred and seventhUS/EU episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield continues his story; The Dragon decides to help "The Handsome Cat", Prince Jon is locked up in a tower, and Fair Elizabeth is knocked out by a witch.


Odie waits for Garfield to finish his sandwich, before forcibly making the latter continue the story. The dragon angrily chases "The Handsome Cat" and "The Dimwitted Dog" around the forest before losing them at a lake. The dragon eventually leaves before it is revealed that they hid under the water. The handsome cat states that they'll meet the dragon again, as it guards the road. As part of the latter's plan, they run back to the castle, and carry the princess's twin nieces to the dragon. The dragon sees and tries to escape the twins but is dressed up inside it's cave. The twins show the dragon how it looks in the reflection of water. The dragon is suddenly revealed to be female as she talks about "finally being beautiful". She repays them by giving the handsome cat and the dimwitted dog a flight to Fair Elizabeth's cottage.

As the duo fly on the dragon, a cat by the name of Lamren decides to give Viceroy Whipple the information in return for a reward only to be mailed to Abu Dhabi. Garfield realizes that he accidentaly said "Mail him to Abu Dhabi", so he ultimately changes it into "thrown in the tower" due to Whipple's hate for snitches. The viceroy decides that Prince Jon should be thrown in as well, as he plans to "take care" of Elizabeth. He visits a witch who plans to use spaghetti bolognese. She shows Whipple what it does by using it on the royal food taster who quickly faints, with the only cure being "a true love's kiss". She realizes that she needs to change into someone that Elizabeth won't suspect before transforming into Vito. She flies over the forest before finding Fair Elizabeth's cottage.

The witch (as Vito) appears at Elizabeth's cottage and convinces her to eat a piece of spaghetti which knocks her out. The witch quickly escapes as several animals go to Elizabeth's cottage only to find her on the floor. Two minutes later, the handsome cat and dimwitted dog appear at the cottage. Odie stops the story as he begins crying before running off. Garfield realizes that he can get something to eat before explaining that it's only a story to Odie.


Main Characters

  • Garfield (also as "The Handsome Cat")
  • Odie (also as "The Dimwitted Dog")

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Nermal's character's name, Lamren, is his own name spelled backwards.




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