Freaky Monday is the fourthUS/twelfthEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


After Odie helps an alien with his spacecraft, Nimbus swaps Garfield and Odie's bodies.


In the middle of the night, Garfield is awoken by Odie playing with a ball. Garfield wants to return to bed and chucks the ball outside, locking the door behind Odie. Just as Odie is saddened, he spots an alien spaceship flying toward him and panics. The spaceship crashes straight onto the front lawn. Garfield assumes the sound was by Odie, and disregards it. The alien gets out of the craft and seeing his "Sentium Repulsor" missing, laments missing "Saturnian rush hour". Odie finds the repulsor and returns it. The alien thanks him and plans to repay Odie.

Using a device, the alien looks into Odie's memories and finds multiple instances of Garfield's abuse. The alien decides to fix the situation and teleports to Jon's room. He switches the Garfield and Odie's bodies and returns to the lawn. "Odie" is drowsy from the change and doesn't see the alien fix his spaceship and leave. The next morning, Jon is woken up by Odie-in-Garfield's-body licking him which he construes as a joke. Garfield-in-Odie's body wakes up and is confused over his breath, location and Jon calling him Odie. He goes into the kitchen to see Odie eating lasagna, and seeing it's his real body, realises the problem.

Garfield's first action is to get Odie off of the lasagna, but when the latter growls, he backs off. He finally realises the validity of the situation, and begins to panic. Making matters worse, Jon decides to "Odie" for a run. Garfield spots Arlene during the exercise and after getting out of Jon's leash, manages to convince her who he actually is with memories. She sees it as payment for Garfield's personality and behavior, but still tries to cheer him up, telling him he has new things to do as a dog. Garfield ignores her words until he realises he can chase those he doesn't like, and goes after Nermal. Garfield tires out before spotting Odie heading out the house toward a rottweiler and doberman.

Garfield tries to protect Odie, but when the latter digs up the doberman's lucky bone, they are forced to run. Odie disappears out of Garfield's sight. Herman Post sees Odie-in-Garfield's-body walk past, and seeing it as his lucky day, grabs the cat and plans to mail him elsewhere. Garfield is able to save Odie from the mail truck and multiple boxes fly out. Garfield gets the wrong box after risking himself in traffic, and finds Odie has just stolen from a butcher. Just as the duo are cornered in an alley by the postman, butcher and dogs, the alien returns to Earth and seeing the situation, switches Garfield and Odie's bodies back. Garfield initially celebrates, but is still beaten up. Garfield later returns home bandaged, and Odie allows him a spot on the chair.


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Cultural References

  • The title "Freaky Monday" is a play on the film "Freaky Friday".
    • It is also named after Garfield's hatred of Mondays.



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