Frankenstein Feline is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


While thinking of a costume for a party, Jon imagines his life in the story of Frankenstein.


Irving Burnside is cooking burgers in the backyard, and Garfield happens to appear and eat one of them while he is not looking. Fed up with Garfield taking his food all the time, Irving goes over to the Arbuckle residence. Jon is talking to Liz on the phone about a costume he has in mind for a party they are going to. When he hangs up, he remembers he has not thought of a costume. He sees a Frankstein movie on TV, inspiring him to go as the monster from it.

Before Jon can sketch his costume's design, he hears Irving knocking at the door. Irving tells him that he has had enough of Garfield taking his food and threatens that if it happens again, he will resort to violence. Jon thinks he is just blowing off some steam and gets back to his design. During the movie, he falls asleep.

Jon is now acting in the movie as the scientist with Odie as Igor. Odie drops the stomach they were gonna put in the monster and Jon orders him to find another. Odie finds the stomach of a whale and brings it back, only to realize too late that they put it in the monster. This brings to life a creature with such a ravenous appetite that it eats everything in the village. The villagers then storm the lab.

In reality, Irving returns and tells Jon that it happened again and proceeds to beat up Jon. Upon seeing this, Garfield gets Jon's costume supplies and acts like a Frankenstein monster to scare Irving away. Now, Jon needs a new costume. Garfield has an idea. At that night, Jon goes to the costume party with Liz dressed as a mummy based on the thrashing Irving gave him.


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  • This episode marks the final physical appearance of Liz Wilson on Garfield and Friends. The last time she is mentioned is in Remote Possibilities.

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