Forget-Me-Not Newton is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Wade's forgetful cousin, Newton, comes to the farm for a job.


Orson has gathered the entire tomato harvest into the shed and plans to guard it from his brothers. Roy is building a rocket kit to fly all the way into space, unaware there was some assembly required. Wade comes by with a letter and is too afraid to open it. Orson opens it and finds out that Wade's cousin Newton is coming to the farm to apply for a job. Wade does not like the sound of that. Newton is notorious for having a terrible memory. He arrives and forgets his name and Orson introduces himself.

While Roy is building the rocket, Gort comes sneaking by in a bush to steal the tomatoes. Orson finds out the hard way that Wade was not exaggerating about Newton's memory as Newton keeps forgetting his name, as well as Orson's, and starts following Orson when he is supposed to be guarding the tomatoes. Newton wanders off and Gort sneaks into the shed.

Wade is hiding from Newton and Orson tells him about the job he gave him, which Wade sees as a big mistake. Newton starts following them and expressing more of his lack of memory. Orson and Wade check the shed and find Gort eating the tomatoes. Wade starts to panic and Orson activates the alarm. Gort escapes with as many tomatoes as he can carry.

Roy is putting the finishing touches on his rocket and tells Newton not to press the red button while he helps with the situation. Gort hides the tomatoes in the rocket's hatch and goes to pummel Orson, Wade and Roy. Newton presses the start button on the rocket, causing it to launch. It picks up Gort and crashes into the tool shed, knocking him out. The three plan to drop Gort back home before he regains consciousness.

As Newton prepares to leave for all the trouble he caused, the others are willing to let him stay (as he unintentionally saved the three from Gort). After being grateful for their gesture, he again asks them their names.


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  • As of this episode, Mort is the only member of Orson's Brothers that is never seen alone.

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