(Main characters: Nermal was among the alien cats. He was named Cadet X71 and was the one who demonstrated the new secret code.)
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===Minor characters===
===Minor characters===
*Chef Fluffy
*Chef Fluffy

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For Cats Only is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield shows how cats came to Earth from another planet and are pretending to be pets for humans in order to enslave them.


KAT TV, the world's first all-cat channel, is preempting "Chef Fluffy's Cooking With Mice" to bring a special program called "For Cats Only" hosted by Garfield. Garfield informs all viewers that the special is for cats only and that all non-cat organisms must leave the room. Assured only the cats are watching, he begins to show the history of cats on planet Earth.

It started when Cats came from the planet of Felinus to colonize. They noticed the humans that dwelt on the planet, thereby trying to have them believe that they could be pets. One man took the cat leader home and their operation began. Soon, all cats were adopted by humans.

One dog did not like how the cats were starting to take over the world. He followed the leader to their secret headquarters where they held a meeting to reveal a new secret code in the form of meowing. The cats find out about the dog's whereabouts, capture him and drain his brain. They cause a planetary dog brain drainage, making dogs no longer pose a threat. The cats have won and are the rulers of the planet.

After Garfield finishes his program, one human has been watching and now knows the truth. The two cats he took in realize this and need to think of a way to make him forget. To do that, they plan to make him watch mindless TV shows.


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