For Butter or Worse is the second segment from the sixty-ninth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Convinced that Roy stole all the butter on the farm (which he did), Orson imagines that he is Power Pig in an effort to prove it.


Bo is working on a new cajun recipe and it calls for a pound of butter. When Orson goes to get some, the entire butter supply is gone. They all know Roy stole it, prompting Orson to check on him.

In his coop, Roy is buttering bread with the entire butter supply. When he hears Orson knocking at the door, he hides it in a secret safe to stash it in and pretends he has none left as Orson steps in. He denies to stealing the butter, leaving the pig no way of proving he did it.

As the other animals are forced to churn a new batch of butter, Orson takes a nap and dreams of being Power Pig. In his dream, Bo's entire butter supply was stolen by Power Pig's nemesis Margarine Man. Declaring to retrieve the butter (in the form of a tongue twister), Power Pig sets off to stop Margarine Man.

Margarine Man (obviously played by Roy) and his lackey (played by Wade) have all the butter and plan on replacing it with the butter substitute: margarine. Margarine Man melts the butter and Power Pig arrives too late. Quickly, he thinks of using his heat vision to pop every ear of corn in a nearby field into popcorn and smother it with the melted butter.

As soon as Orson wakes up, he is inspired by his dream on how to prove that Roy took the butter. He goes to his coop and gives him a bag of popcorn which lacks butter. Seeing this and unwilling to eat plain popcorn, Roy goes to his stash and Orson finds out where he was hiding it all that time. Roy begs for forgiveness and Orson tells him he will have to replace all the butter he stole. Roy is then seen using a pedal powered butter churn to make up for his misdeed, as well as lose weight from the butter he consumed.

Major Characters

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  • The title is a pun on the phrase "For better or worse".
  • Margarine Man would be mentioned in "A Jarring Experience".
  • This is the final appearance of Power Pig. The last time he's mentioned is in A Jarring Experience.

Cultural References

  • The beginning of Orson's dream parodies the opening of the 1940s Superman cartoons.

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