Food Fighter is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon becomes a cook for a boxer.


Jon cannot afford enough food for Garfield unless he gets a part-time job to cover up the budget. Garfield shows him the Help Wanted section of the newspaper, in which Jon chooses to be a part-time cook at the Heavyweight Boxing League. He meets with Max, the head of the kickboxing league and uses Garfield as a reference for his cooking skills. Max appoints Jon as the chef for George Fisticuff (whom Jon is a fan of).

George and Max have a conversation about George's diet in order to do well in the upcoming boxing match against his arrogant rival, Crusher Krellman. Crusher arrives to insult George, stating that he (Crusher) will win while George does the same as well. After Krellman leaves, George is more determined to make sure that he does not lose the fight by sticking to his diet. He orders Jon to not give him any food at all and angrily warns him about the risks of losing.

George soon gets hungry and tells Jon to make him a sandwich with ham, lettuce, extra mustard, tomato, mayo and pickles. Jon quickly does so before George changes his mind again and refuses the sandwich. Garfield then bakes pepperoni sausage and bellpepper pizzas out of the oven. Since George smells them, he wants to eat them, then then quickly changes his mind and throws the pizzas away. George realizes that the reason why he keeps getting the urge to eat is because he keeps smelling food and warns Jon to not let him smell or see any food around.

Garfield then starts baking barbeque ribs, and George smells them, and this time actually eats them. Because he has regained his appetite, he takes out all the food in the refrigerator and ends up adding weight, as well as getting a stomachache. Max gets angry because George will definitely lose the fight. Garfield then gets an idea.

Jon and Garfield disguise themselves as chefs and go to Crusher's place to give him food. Crusher states he did not order any food; he ends up eating the food quickly and, like George, gets a stomachache as a result. At the boxing match, George and Crusher are so full that they fall asleep. Jon asks, "What kind of fight is this?", to which Garfield answers that his ribs were always a knockout and starts eating barbeque ribs.


Main Characters

Major Characters

  • Max (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Crusher Krellman (voiced by Gregg Berger)

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