This article is about the cat from the comic strip. For the dog from Here Comes Garfield, see Fluffy (dog).

Fluffy was a friend of Garfield and the associate to Guido. In a January 1981 storyline where Garfield is carried off by a duck and ends up in the city pound, Fluffy and Guido helped Garfield escape the pound by using Garfield as a battering ram to take down the pound wall.

Fluffy does not appear to be intelligent. He was sent to the pound due to his poor hygienic habits experienced by his previous owners, namely he peed everywhere.



  • In Here Comes Garfield, a dog named Fluffy is the associate of Fast Eddy, a character similar to Guido.
  • Fluffy does not seem to understand he is in a city pound.
  • Fluffy seems to think that he is a dog.
  • A cat named Fluffy was shown in "Home Away From Home". Here, he was a cat similar to Garfield, only more fluffy and lacking Garfield's stripes.
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