Flights of Fantasy is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


While the weasel steals chickens, Wade tries, and fails, to put his imagination to good use.


The weasel appears on the farm, telling the viewers not to warn the animals of his whereabouts. He hides upon hearing Roy. Wade shows Roy his extremely long list of all the things he fears. They end up underwater at the bottom of the ocean, leaving Roy to suspect something.

Roy finds Orson reading a book about the sea and is right about his suspicion of Orson's fantasy changing thinks around. Roy then complains about how whenever Orson imagines things in his book, he and Wade are always caught up in the dangers.

The trio begins to imagine all sorts of things. Roy imagines himself as a handsome prince kissing a sleeping princess, when he is really kissing a dog. Wade tries in vain to imagine himself more valiant and courageous.

As the weasel steals the chickens, Wade tries to imagine it, unaware that it is really happening. He attacks the weasel, still thinking it is his imagination, and starts attacking him and pins him to the ground. Orson tells him that it is the real weasel, and the weasel gets ready to attack Wade for attacking him first. Roy gives Orson a train schedule to imagine a train that chases the weasel out of the farm.

Wade laments over his inability imagine anything, while Roy runs away from the dog he unknowingly kissed and got the unwanted attention of.


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