Flat Tired is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Odie becomes the star of the cartoon when Garfield is unwilling to be involved.


The director tries to get Garfield awake to start the cartoon. Garfield is uninterested in participating. After hearing the director yell his name out, he jumps onto a chandelier ("Well, now we know where Nermal learned that trick"). Garfield explains that he is not up for performing, claiming to be too tired and (after falling down) injured. The director gives up and settles for a different star for the cartoon. Odie then appears and auditions, showing that he can act, dance, and be funny. After teasingly requesting someone else, the director gives Odie the job, then gets the cartoon started.

Odie in "A Witch in Time"

While walking on a sidewalk, Odie notices an old lady's purse fall out. He brings it back to the lady, who offers to reward him with a steak if he follows her home. Garfield, watching the episode through a miniature television set, notes the danger of trusting strangers, then states that Odie will accept the offer (which he does).

Finding the episode uninteresting, Garfield looks for something else to watch; after finding no suitable alternatives, he goes back to Odie's cartoon. After Odie arrives at her house, Garfield predicts that the lady will turn out to be a wicked old witch. The witch, who hates "little doggies", vows to turn Odie into "the most unspeakable, disgusting creature in the world". After a brief chase scene, the witch captures Odie and turns him into a gerbil. The which then puts him in a cage and prepares to make a gerbil sandwich.

Garfield then turns off the television and tries to go back to sleep. After being pressured by the director, he reluctantly goes out to save Odie. As the witch prepares the sandwich, someone knocks on her door. She answers it, finding Garfield (disguised as a delivery man) with a package. After bringing the package inside and opening it, Garfield pops out, surprising her. He then grabs her wand and turns her into a vulture, who then flies out the window.

Garfield proceeds to turn Odie back to normal. After walking out of the witch's house, Odie wonders how Garfield got into the box. Garfield tells him, "Don't ask me. It's your cartoon".

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Cultural References

  • During the acting part of his audition, Odie is dressed in Shakespearean clothes whilst talking to a skull, an allusion to Hamlet.
  • After Odie's audition, the director jokingly requests Kermit the Frog.
  • When Garfield is about to free Odie, he states, "Well, like the man said, here's another nice mess you've gotten yourself into," the man in question being Oliver Hardy.

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