Five Minute Warning is the third segment from the fifty-third episode of Garfield and Friends.


Jon makes a wager to Garfield that if he can stop eating for 5 minutes to prove Garfield's "self-control," he will give him the chocolate cake and do a can-can dance. This becomes challenging for Garfield.


While Jon is washing the dishes, Garfield comes in with a shopping cart and puts the entire contents of the fridge into it. Jon stops him, questioning his cat's gluttony when he hears the oven go off. He takes out a chocolate cake, making sure Garfield does not get it.

Jon then comes up with a bet. If Garfield can go for five minutes without eating anything, he can have the cake and Jon will quit cartooning and become a can-can dancer. With that, the time is set and counts down throughout the episode.

Garfield tries to fight the urge to eat, only to be constantly overcome by it. He snaps himself out of it. He hears the ice cream truck coming by and pretends to be a traffic cop, only for Jon to appear as a reminder. Garfield stops with the charade and goes to the park to take his mind; he runs into various things that remind him of food, such as a couple having a picnic, someone giving out prime rib on a stick, and the Buddy Bears offering him a large feast.

He restrains himself and avoids taking a bite. He then runs into a few food spots that are giving out free food, at the worst possible time. He then crashes into a salad bar that comes rolling his way and catches him rolling down the street. This causes him to crash into the house, leaving Jon suspicious. No longer able to withstand it with only a few seconds left, Garfield prepares to eat. The timer goes up before he takes a bite, indicating Garfield won the bet. Garfield gets the cake, while Jon reluctantly keeps up his end of the bargain and starts can-can dancing outside, not surprising his mailman in the slightest.


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  • The timer skips two seconds at the start of the final minute.

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