Fit for a King is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield tells a story about a fat king, a corrupt duke, and a hungry cat.


Garfield prepares to tell a story about his favorite subject: cats eating. He asks for some music, and Odie plays a tune not exactly fitting for this kind of topic. Garfield tells the viewers that the story is in rhyme before he gets started.

In the town of Portly Bay, there lived a king named Jonathan the Wide. He was the fattest king in history. People would give him all their food and keep him as large as possible, for the town's economy thrived on his girth. They would weigh him and other kingdoms would literally pay his weight in gold and jewels. The king was even willing to spare the folks of any taxes. The Duke of Burke was not satisfied with this, as he wanted to rule the kingdom so he could tax them and be rich. The duke went to see a witch about how to overthrow the king and she gives him a cat that looked like Garfield.

The duke presented the cat to the king as a gift, as the king did not know of the cat's true intentions. The cat started eating everything that was in his line of sight, and the king was left with nothing. Soon, the king was slimming down, no longer fat enough to get the gold the town needed to thrive. Just when the duke thought his plan was finally about to come to fruition, the cat showed the king what he could do to save the town. For that, he gave the crown to the cat and the gold was paid in his weight instead. The town was saved. His plan foiled, the duke would not pay the witch. She turned him into a mule for his retribution. While all was well for the most part, the cat's appetite would be a bit of an ordeal for the king to have to put up with.

Garfield ends the story without rhyming.


Main characters

Minor characters

  • Odie
  • Witch (voiced by Lorenzo Music)
  • People of Portly Bay
  • Herald (voiced by Lorenzo Music)
  • Kings (one voiced by Lorenzo Music)

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