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Fish to Fry is the 31stUS/32ndEU episode of Season 1 of The Garfield Show.


When Liz Wilson drops off her fish to go meet her mother, Jon Arbuckle expects Garfield not to eat them.


Jon comes over to their TV set where Garfield and Odie are watching a show about fish. Hooked on to the show, Garfield wants a really big fish to eat. Jon gets a call from Liz saying that she needs Jon to take care of her fish when she is out of town. He reluctantly agrees and forces Garfield not to eat the fish.

The next day, Jon picks up the many fish tanks and Garfield must resist the temptation to eat them; or else he will not get any lasagna for life. But he falls for it and eats a pufferfish; he is then inflated twice his size and spits out the fish, which returns back to its tank.

He tries a different fish-- a species very like an electric eel. He gets electrified when the second he touches the fish; the others are cheering for him. The eel also bounds back to his tank afterwords.

Garfield finds an encyclopedia for fish and uses it to find a suitable fish to consume. He finds out painfully that two of the fish squirt water at him; one uses karate against him and another uses its flying capabilities to propel Garfield underwater to a fish court, where he is charged for eating 7322 fish and swallowed by a whale named Larry; he then wakes up, realizing it was all a dream.

When he heads to the living room, he finds out that Liz only has two goldfish. He then promises that he will not eat a fish again "until next week".


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  • Vito's Pizzeria has returned to its original exterior. The more commonly used one was briefly seen twice in the episode.
  • When Garfield takes another bite of his tartar sauce sandwich, the second bite is not visible.

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