First Aid Wade is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Wade thinks that Orson and Roy want to operate on him.


Orson and Roy are playing a round of Ping Pong. Orson tries his best while Roy plays the game while multitasking. After many serves have passed, Roy busts out a giant paddle and hits the ball with it sending it out of the barn. Orson runs back as far as possible to rally the serve while Wade is contemplating his many fears to a cow. Orson accidentally collides with Wade and the cow and sends the ball back. Wade trips over the cow, thinking he broke his leg upon impact. The ball comes back to the table and Roy rallies it back at Orson who misses and lands on the table, smashing it into pieces while Roy declares his victory.

Orson takes a look at Wade's leg while the craven duck fears for the worse. Orson tells him his leg is fine, relieving the duck. Wade then overhears Orson and Roy talking about their destroyed ping pong table and different ways on how they can fix it, thinking it is about his leg instead. This makes him think they are going to operate on him.

In a fantasy sequence containing a song about the professions of doctors, Wade finds himself in an ER where Roy and Orson prepare to operate on him. First, they argue over an operation Roy performed over $900, then they fail to make soup, and they finally start on Wade's operation by planning to remove his tonsils. Wade runs away from the doctors and ends his fantasy sequence.

Booker and Sheldon tell Wade that he misunderstood what Orson and Roy were talking about as they were only working on fixing the ping pong table. At the same time, Orson and Roy have finished fixing their table and start heading to the tool shed to put their materials back. Wade is relieved that he overreacted, and that he can trust doctors. When he sees his friends with the materials used to fix the table, he starts fearing the potential operation again and runs for his life. Watching Wade run, Orson suggests that Wade needs a backbone operation.


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