Fine Feathered Funny Man is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy announces that he is giving up playing practical jokes.


Roy greets the viewers to talk to them about comedy, all while wearing an outfit that requires pants that he forgets to wear. After he puts on his pants, he talks about how much of the comedy he has done in the past along with two examples: one where he pretends to be attacked by Attila the Hun and trick Wade into thinking that he and his army are coming, and one where he builds up suspense in getting Orson with a splut by baking a cake and dropping it on him. He finds those jokes funny because he was the instigator and not the victim. He then announces that he will never play a practical joke ever again.

In a flashback, he got a phone call from the network, who wanted to talk to him about his role in person. They received a letter from a woman in Boise, Idaho, who complained about how she found Roy's comedy to be mean-spirited instead of funny. The manager threatens to fire Roy, who begs to have one more chance, and he will get it if he stops doing his practical jokes.

He gets into his wardrobe to turn over a new leaf. He finds Orson getting ready to go on a picnic and he asks Roy to grab a pie and "let [him] have it". Although Roy wants to hit Orson with it, he tries not to give into the urge. Wade comes by and asks Roy if he saw anything scary lately. Roy tries to hold it in and runs off while Orson and Wade high-five each other.

Roy runs back to the network and accepts to be fired and seek new employment because it is too much for him. The manager reveals himself to have been Orson all this time, and the letter was written by Wade. It was all a joke on their part to teach Roy a lesson. Furious, Roy chases the two of them out of the studio and into the streets while tossing pies at them as revenge.


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