Films and Felines is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield talks about the impact cats had in the movie industry.


Garfield enters the Hollywood Museum, home of Hollywood's most famed items from the filming of many historical and acclaimed movies. Garfield tells the viewers that cats had a big part in making movies as it goes back to Thomas Edison's day. He was taking a picture of his cat who was moving around to his dismay, so he resorted to shooting photos at random. When he got them developed and flipped through them, he saw that they were like movement. He invented the kinetoscope and the moving picture. He tried to film his cat doing more, but the cat did nothing.

Before Garfield continues with his tour, Edna W. Factchecker comes in to dismiss Garfield's claim. Garfield sends her down a trapdoor. Moving along, Garfield goes into the next big step in film history contributed by cats. Mack Sennett was filming a comedy with a woman hitting a man in the face with some kind of food. None of the foods worked. The prop guy (played by Jon) looked for something and the cat backstage found a pie. He tried to get it from the cat only for it to fly into Mack's face. This was considered the perfect idea. And so, the pie in the face gag was born, thanks to a cat.

Edna appears to make another dismissive complaint, with Garfield sending her away with a pie in the face. Garfield then continues with a more recent film discovery by a cat named Fillmore. Fillmore was owned by Ron Carbuckle who worked at the local theater. The owner, Mr. Bijou, was getting a lot of patronage, but not a lot of money. He wanted to make some changes that Ron was not sure of whilst Fillmore insisted. They made the changes to the seats, cinemas, and concessions. These ideas were unsuccessful, leading to the closing of the theater. Fillmore had a backup plan. He and Ron opened up a store where people could rent movies. They invented the video rental store.

Edna tries to dismiss this as well. Garfield catapults her out of the theater and enjoys his popcorn, which is covered in butter substitute.


Main characters

Major characters

  • Edna W. Factchecker

Minor characters

  • Jon/Prop boy/Ron Carbuckle
  • Thomas Edison
  • Thomas Edison's cat
  • Mack Sennett
  • Fatty Arbuckle
  • Pie cat
  • Fillmore
  • Mr. Bijou
  • Movie goers

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