Fight, Fight, Fight is a song Jon Arbuckle sings, telling his "team" that they shouldn't let Garfield win in Basket Brawl. Music and lyrics were provided by Desiree Goyette and Ed Bogas.


Jon Arbuckle

  • Our backs against the wall,
  • We've got to buckle down,
  • Gotta get around that cat,
  • Or he'll eat us out of town,
  • A winner never quits,
  • A quitter never wins,
  • Just when Garfield thinks it's over,
  • That's when our team begins to:
  • Fight, Fight, Fight,
  • Pass the turkey,
  • Don't let him get one bite, pass the ham,
  • We're chargin', chargin', chargin',
  • Pass the bread and pass the margarine,
  • We'll bring that flabby tabby to his knees,
  • Sling the soybeans,
  • Pass the pasta,
  • Pitch the peas!
  • Come on and:
  • Fight, Fight, Fight,
  • Fling the fritters,
  • Don't let him get one bite, flip the chips,
  • We're pressin', pressin', pressin',
  • Toss the salad and the dressin',
  • We'll knock that tubby tabby to his knees,
  • Hurl the hot dogs,
  • Jam the jerky,
  • Chuck the cheese!
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