Feeling Feline is the third segment from the thirtieth episode of Garfield and Friends.


After hearing on television that some owners act like their pets, Jon believes he is becoming more like Garfield.


Garfield and Jon are watching a program on television starring a professor. The professor states that some people start to take on the characteristics and appearances of their pets. They scoff at the idea and start having dinner and going to bed at the same time. Jon denies that he is starting to act like Garfield as he goes to sleep. Garfield cues the nightmare.

Inside the dream, Jon acts like Garfield on important occasions. He is on a date with Liz, he is being praised for his cartoons by his impressed boss, and he is visiting his parents. Each time, he is sleeping and asks for lasagna. His parents especially started getting him cat supplies which causes Jon to wake up. He decides to see the professor he watched the next day and get some hot cocoa to calm himself, only to find Garfield doing the same thing.

The next day, Jon talks to the professor about his plight and the professor tells him to do things Garfield would not dream of doing. Jon takes up hockey, goes for a bike ride, and dresses up like Carmen Miranda, all of which Garfield does, more or less.

Defeated, Jon accepts that he is like Garfield and nothing he does works. The word "work" suddenly inspires Jon to do his chores, something Garfield never does. Garfield gets so tired from watching Jon work, it makes him pant like Odie. He starts to do some of the things Odie does, and this causes the two of them to start changing into different costumes only to find out, to their shock, that they are wearing the same ones.


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Cultural References

  • Jon and Garfield dress up as Carmen Miranda for one scene.

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