Fat Guy is one of the antagonists in Garfield's Feline Fantasies.

Physical Appearance

Fat Guy wears a red fez, a lavender coloured shirt, a white suit, as well as a red tie.

On the plane, Fat Guy wears a white fedora with a yellow stripe, a watch and a lavender shirt with red flowers.


Fat Man first appears when Lance Sterling and Slobberjob go and see him about an object called the "holy ankh", since they each have a half. Lance steals Fat Guy's half causing a scuffle in the area they are in. In Paris, Lance and Slobberjob see Fat Guy who tells Lance that he should enjoy his soup du jour since it will be he's last. On a plane to South America, Fat Guy is seen, dressed like a tourist. After Nadia reveals that she needs the banana for a fruit stand, he steals it from her and attempts to push her into lava. Fat Guy tries to escape, but the banana is stolen by a monkey. All characters fight over the banana, only for Lance and Slobberjob to get it. While Sterling and Slobberjob make their escape, they slip Fat Guy and others by using the peel from the banana.


TV Specials


  • He is shown to have a weasel which destroys his suit.
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