(The episode opens at Ed's Market. Inside, Garfield is pushing a train of shopping carts. He turns toward the camera.)

Garfield: I stopped letting Jon buy the groceries. He occasionally leaves something in the store.

(At a checkout lane, Garfield rides the conveyor belt up to the clerk, who presses a series of buttons on the register. Garfield holds up a wallet.)

Garfield: Jon gave me his wallet to buy all the food I wanted, and he'll find that out as soon as I get home. (The clerk hands Garfield a dollar bill.) Change? You mean there's money left over? What else can I buy? (Just then, he notices an ad for the lottery behind him.) Oh, give me a lottery ticket. (The clerk takes Garfield's dollar, trading it out for a ticket. Garfield walks down to the bagging section; three grocers are swiftly bagging Garfield's arsenal of groceries.) Snap it up, men, and don't put the watermelons on top of the potato chips like last time.

(Later, Garfield is riding home in a taxi. He looks over his lottery ticket.)

Garfield: Lottery ticket #77777779. (gasps) That's my lucky number. It's the average number of calories I consume every day...when I'm eating light. I hope I didn't buy too much food.

(We then see that Garfield's cab has four grocery carts in tow.)

(Later, back home...)

Jon: Eighty-one cupcakes? Nineteen pounds of zucchini? Fifty-seven boxes of croutons?! Why would we possibly need fifty-seven boxes of croutons?

(The kitchen has several grocery bags laid out, Jon looks over a long receipt, and Garfield sits at the table, eating.)

Garfield: In case i get the urge to fill the hot tub with onion soup.

(An angry Jon comes in closer to Garfield, pointing at the receipt.)

Jon: How could you spend this total?!

Garfield: I had a coupon for eight cents off on dishwashing detergent.

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