Fast Food is an episode of the fourth season of Garfield and Friends


Fed up with Bo taking too long to cook, Roy opens up his own fast food joint, but it goes by so fast for his friends that they can't get a meal.


Bo is taking a long time to cook a spaghetti dinner, cooking it only one strand at a time. This agitates Roy to the point where he decides to do something that won't leave him hungry. Orson, Booker, and Wade decide to see what he's up to.

Roy opens up a new restaurant called Roy's Rapid Restaurant, but whenever the other animals try to get a meal from him, he talks, acts, and moves too fast for them to actually get anything to eat, even though they still have to pay. They demand food, but Roy tries to move his shack elsewhere. The others get directions to the shack's location from Sheldon and a rabbit. Despite having been caught, Roy tells them that they'll never be able to eat in his restaurant because his service is too fast. Booker then gets an idea and calls up a special guest.

Suddenly, a familiar theme tune starts to play, and to Roy's shock, he sees that it's none other than Garfield. Roy starts cooking so much so fast to feed the cat while the others still sulk over the fact that they didn't get their food, but Orson decides that they'll get Bo a microwave to cook faster.

However, while Bo is using his new microwave, he's still cooking a meal, one bit at a time.


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