Farm Fresh Feline is an episode from the second season of The Garfield Show.


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After Garfield gets taken to the farm, Dr. Whipple hypnotizes him to work and do chores for Doc Boy.


Jon is chasing Garfield around the house forcing him to go to Doc Boy's farm and do chores. Eventually, Jon catches him and Garfield along with Jon and Odie go to the farm.

At the farm, Garfield is grumbling about being on the farm and doing chores while Jon and Doc Boy think they need to get some motivation in him. Passing a barn, Jon sees Dr. Whipple hypnotizing a cow to produce sweeter milk with his hypno device. Seeing an idea, Jon and Doc Boy decide to use it on Garfield for motivation.

First, they trick Garfield into watching TV in the house where in the room Dr. Whipple hypnotizes him with his device. The cat easily falls for the hypnosis and as a test, Dr. Whipple tells him he's a monkey which is proven successful. Later Whipple hypnotizes Garfield that whenever he hears the sound of a horn he'll do chores around the farm and when he hears it again he'll be back to normal. The moment he hears the horn Garfield begins doing chores at a rapid pace which amazes Jon, Doc Boy, and Odie. This leads them to head into the house to watch TV and relax while Garfield does all the hard labor.

For a while, things are doing okay until Garfield bumps into Jon's car setting off the alarm switching him from hypnosis to normal ending at normal. Realizing he's been doing the chores because of the hypnotism Garfield decides to get revenge on the gang. While watching the four are watching TV Garfield swipes the hypno device and hypnotizes Jon, Doc Boy, Whipple, and Odie telling them to do whatever the TV tells them to do. They range from doing exercises, running from an imaginary monster and pamper Garfield. In the end, Garfield concludes that being on the farm isn't so bad after all.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • TV Host
  • Body Builder
  • Monster Movie Actress
  • Henry
  • Hector
  • Nermal (mentioned)


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