Fan Clubbing is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy and Wade both want a fan club dedicated to them.


Roy is holding a meeting of his fan club in the barn, despite not having any members. Wade walks in and comes to make a proposal. Roy is elated that Wade would join his club and wants to hear what Wade has in mind. Wade wants the fan club to be dedicated to him instead, which Roy denies. They go to Orson to settle the matter. He consults one of his books about democracy, which states Wade is allowed to propose that.

Roy and Wade on whether or not to change the club in Wade's honor. Wade agrees and Roy opposes. Wade claims that Roy cannot vote if he is holding the meeting. They go back to Orson who tells them that the meeting holder can only vote to break a tie, frustrating Roy.

Roy and Wade vote on whether or not to change the club and make Wade president, and Wade votes. Roy reluctantly passes this motion. Wade takes over and Roy tries to act as a new member to get his club back. They resort to talking to Orson again.

They wake Orson up as he is sleeping in his waller. While he goes to shower, the two start to argue even more and cause so much trouble that Orson disciplines them and tells them that should just share the position of president and dedicate the club to the both of them. They disagree and leave while Orson starts to act out his own fan club.


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  • This U.S Acres segment has the least amount of characters in it (3).

Cultural References

  • At one point, Roy mentions CBS.

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