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Family Picture is the 28thUS/35thEU episode of Season 1 of The Garfield Show.


Jon, Garfield and Odie attempt to take a family picture for Liz's birthday but have too many distractions.


It's Liz's birthday, and Jon is having a party for her and showering her with gifts. Garfield is jealous of all the attention Liz is getting. The last gift Jon gives her is a family photo of him and his pets. Liz loves it and thinks it must have been difficult to pull off, but Jon assures her it was easy. Garfield tells the viewers not to believe Jon and begins explaining how much of a hassle it really was to get it right.

Flashback to the previous day as Garfield wakes up from one of his naps. Jon tells his pets about Liz's birthday the next day and announces his plan for the photo. Garfield refuses at first until Jon says they'll have extra lasagna for dinner if they cooperate and get it just right. Jon says it will only take a few minutes, but Garfield doubts it, knowing his luck. And his doubts are just when they start because, throughout the day, they keep botching the photo and having to retake it with many distractions and annoyances.

Attempts 1-3: Jon sets the timer wrong and fails to make it back to his spot in the shot in time.

Attempt 4: A pigeon flies onto the camera and gets startled by the flash, flying into Odie's mouth.

Attempt 5: The same pigeon flies into the camera's tripod and knocks it over.

Attempt 6: A squirrel wanders into the shot and Odie chases it.

It pretty much goes on like this.

Attempt 7: Nermal walks into the shot and distracts the Arbuckles. Garfield especially dislikes this one. Nermal insists on being in the photo, but Garfield says he can't because he's not part of their family and kicks him out.

Attempt 8: Nermal sneaks his way back into the shot. This time, Garfield gets rid of him by tying him up to a rocket and shooting him into orbit.

Attempt 9: Jon's next door neighbor comes by to ask for some sugar for his coffee.

Attempt 10: A wasp buzzes into the shot and makes the Arbuckles frantically avoid getting stung.

Attempt 11: Liz calls Jon, and Jon almost spoils the surprise and forgets about the shot.

Attempt 12: Jon's neighbor returns to tell him he found some sugar under his sink and checks on the photo.

Attempt 13: The rocket Garfield sent Nermal away on returns and crashes into the shot. Garfield then launches Nermal underground.

Attempt 14: Jon's nose itches, and he scratches it just as the camera goes off.

Attempts 15-18: More unseen failed shots as one shows Odie bringing the camera too close and Garfield putting it back.

Attempt 19: It suddenly starts raining.

Attempt 20: Nermal emerges to the surface and photobombs the shot.

Attempt 21: Before they try again, they make sure nothing and no one will ruin this shot, even going so far as to tying up Nermal and Jon's neighbor. Just as it seems they're finally gonna get it right, Vito shows up with a pizza Garfield ordered, and Garfield runs up to it. He got hungry from having to say "cheese" every time the photo was taken.

Before any more attempts can be made, Nimbus suddenly comes flying by in his saucer and abducts the camera. Desperate, Jon decides that they'll get their photo taken at a photographer's studio, where they finally get it taken, albeit getting dazed from the photographer's camera. End flashback.

Liz notices something about the photo and shows it to Jon who finds out they're all making a dazed squint in the photo, leaving him horrified at such an awkward face he made, a face Garfield and Liz know well.


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