Family Picture is the twenty-eighthUS/thirty-fifthEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Jon, Garfield and Odie attempt to take a family picture for Liz's birthday but have too many distractions.


It all starts with a view in the street where the fat garbage man and a blonde lady are walking. It zooms in to Arbuckle's house. Then Jon Arbuckle says "Happy Birthday Liz!" while a necklace with a heart on is shown. She is happy and surprised by the gift that Jon had got her and says "Oh, Jon! You're Spoiling me! You must have better things to do with your money." which Garfield who's lying on the couch, Replies "Yeah, Spend it on the cat." She Then kisses Jon and hearts appear above him. She thanks him and while she isn't looking he sticks out his tongue happily then reveals that he has cooked a 4 course Italian dinner. She reacts saying "Jon, I love Italian Food." Then it shows the table nicely decorated. Garfield then says that Liz is once again trying to do his job. Jon then says "And this is from the three of us!" Liz is again surprised. Jon says "Garfield, Odie and Me!" While Squeezing both pets together which Garfield pushes himself away from Jon. Liz replies that it is a wonderful gift and that she thanks all three of them. She also says that they all look lovely, especially Garfield. Garfield says "The Camera Loves Me." Liz says that it must have been difficult to take the picture getting Garfield and Odie to sit still. Jon says "Nah, it was a piece of cake." Then leaning on Garfield stomach Jon tries to kiss Liz But Garfield get's up and Jon falls and starts Laughing a bit. Garfield moves to the other chair and says "Do not believe that man. You have no idea what it took to get that picture. It all started yesterday morning."


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