Fame Fatale is the thirty-thirdUS/thirtiethEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


When celebrity cat Sir Leo needs a vacation, Garfield thinks celebrities have it easy and takes his place.


Garfield is watching TV when he finds out that the remote is not working; he calls Odie to come change the channel for him. Having forgotten his training, Odie presses the wrong buttons and switches to a channel where a news reporter says that Sir Leo, the famous celebrity cat, is missing. Meanwhile, Jon and Liz arrive with Sir Leo in a kennel. Jon states that Sir Leo needed a vacation from all the paparazzi.

When Sir Leo is having lunch with Garfield, his fans all arrive at the doorstep. Sir Leo does not want to get out to face the paparazzi, so Garfield pretends to be him. He signs numerous autographs, then goes on a limousine to 747 Waffle street, where he is being filmed for a cat food commercial. After taking 74 tries and still not getting a scene right, he goes to a movie theater and watches a movie. After that, he returns home, exhausted.

Garfield wakes up with little rest, and suddenly, "his" fans appear. Tired of all the paparazzi, he tries in vain to get Sir Leo to take his old job back. Garfield gets a group of mice to chase off Sir Leo's fans. After giving Squeak a truckload of cheese, Garfield finds out that Sir Leo is embarrassed by his new image as a "rodent enthusiast", and comes up with a plan to get his old life back.

A few days later, Garfield watches the news reporter announce that Sir Leo needed a break and that a look-alike had taken his place, giving Sir Leo positive publicity again.


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Cultural References

  • The episode's title is a play on the stock character concept, the Femme Fatale.

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