Everything's Relative is an episode from the second season of The Garfield Show.


Jon driving Aunt Ivy to Doc Boy's farm.

Aunt Ivy stays with Jon; as he does not want her in his house, he tries to get her to stay with Doc Boy instead.


Jon, Odie and Garfield go and see Aunt Ivy. When they arrive, Ivy is having an exterminator clear out mice in her house, so she goes to stay with Jon.

That evening, Aunt Ivy orders Jon to do tasks and restricts him from many activities, such as watching TV.

The next day, Jon could not take Aunt Ivy anymore, so Garfield comes up with a plan: to have her stay with Doc boy. He drives Ivy to Doc Boy's house, and does not regret it further.

There Aunt Ivy does the same torture to Doc Boy, so he takes her back to Jon's house, where Jon, Garfield and Odie are busy celebrating. Jon gets back Aunt Ivy, with Drusilla and Minerva, who just arrived. So he drives them back to Doc boy. This process repeats a few times, until both brothers are stuck at Jon's house, exausted and annoyed by Aunt ivy, who complains about exercise and snacks. Garfield, once again being chased by Drusilla and Minerva, comes up with an idea to get rid of Aunt Ivy and the twins; by having mice show up. Ivy, scared by the rodents, runs out of the house with Drusilla and Minerva following suit. Aunt Ivy returns with Aunt Esther, with her daughters Lucretia and Tabitha. Garfield and odie are now being chased by 4 people; Garfield wishes that the exterminator would "clear out relatives" in his house.


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