Entertainment Tonight is a song Miss Kitty sings as the entertainment in Glitter Gulch: Blazing Lasagna.


Miss Kitty

  • Hey, if you're feeling off a teet,
  • Let us get you all in treat,
  • You won't feel down and drained,
  • Once you have been entertained,
  • All we ask is for a chance,
  • Let us sing, and let us dance,
  • Pick a seat in any row,
  • Sit right down, and watch the show!
  • Hey, do forget about your aches,
  • Here's what we advise,
  • Try the pizza Vito makes, while we vocalize,
  • A spotlight, a curtain, and not a single mime,
  • We will all make certain, you have a happy time.
  • Well people say our dancing's great,
  • So hot on our paws
  • If you'd like to demonstrate,
  • With some cheap applause,
  • We're so glad to see you,
  • That we are all aglow,
  • We will guarantee you,
  • That you'll enjoy the show!
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